Team Laughing Dog – Cycling for Cystinosis

They are Done

Official race time 8 days 3 hours 38 minutes. And they are all still smiling.

The Un-Sung Heroes of RAAM 2012

We talk and hear a lot about the Bike Racers… But what and who keeps those racers safe, fed, energized, healthy and on the road? This post is in honor of the crew. Those that train for their jobs like racers. Are held to the rules of RAAM as strictly as the racers. Without these members of the team a rider could not make it to Annapolis, MD. What do...

Julie Nye and the Missouri Countryside

** Correction:  This is Julie Nye not Gina Pucci in the Video…My apologies**

Racing and Weather Update

Thursday 6/21/12 6:47am central. We left Kansas with a bang, Literally! Lots of thunder, lightning and sideways blowing rain. Riba Crane/Cook team finished their pull about 8 miles before the Missouri border. The vans brought them back to meet with the RV about 4:30 am to get them out of the storm. Now this morning the Pucci/Nye crew is going back to the...

Wednesdays Location

Gina Pucci and Julie Nye have been riding since 3:30 pm pst when we left Maize Kansas. We are now waiting for them in Rosalia, Kansas. We will do a full crew exchange and Arlene Cook and Kathi Riba Crane will take over and run their 100 +- miles as we make our way through Kansas. Keep an eye on the spot tracker and pleas don’t forget to donate if you...

Ride the Wind

Sometimes Mother Nature works with a biker and sometimes she’s a Bitch! So the Team endured the heat she threw at us with grace, or something close to it I’m sure. Then she decided that she wanted to blow a little hot air at us. Wait, I take that back… Mother Nature is a Blow Hard! At around 7:30pm pst June 19, 2012 on Tuesday evening the wind...

Wolf Creek Summit

1:25 am pst Riba Crane/Cook team just finished 80 miles and approx 4,000 feet of incline to get us to the Base of Wolf Creek Summit. The Continental Divide the highest point of RAAM. The Nye/Pucci team have taken over and will take us the next 95 miles to Blanca.  


June 17, 2012 didn’t start out the way you would want it to on the first night of a 3,000 mile Bike Race Across America in the middle of the desert somewhere between Borrego Springs, California and Parker, Arizona Some may know it as page 41-45 of the 2012 Official Route Book for the Worlds Toughest Bike Race. We just knew it as The First Challenge. After...

Team Laughing Dog Loves Their Mechanics

A BIG SHOUT OUT to Kirk Johnson,  Mike Murray and Al Lemire These guys are familiar with RAAM and they are ready for anything that the bikes throw at them.  The racers could not complete a 6 hour pull much less a week long race without these mechanics who literally will be tuning and fixing the bikes through the whole...

Winner Picks up Cruiser

Rick Oster will be riding in style this summer. He is the winner of the Outdoor Experience Cruiser. Rick bought raffle tickets to help fundraising efforts for Team Laughing Dog and Autism Support. Thank you Rick! We hope to see you “cruising” the streets of Sandpoint this summer.